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About Us

The first ever specialized Brain and Spine Center in East Africa, Christmas International Brain & Spine hospital comprises of renowned and experienced professionals in the field of Neurosurgery with specialized training in Microsurgery and Endoscopic treatment of the nervous system.

Careful Handling of neural tissue &
Compassionate withour job

Clinical Neurophysiology and epilepsy Unit

At Clinical Neurophysiology and epilepsy center, all modalities of evoked potentials, motor potentials, Computerized EEG acquisition, electromyographic studies, are included. It also comprises of the state-of – the art resources for the evaluation and treatment of children with seizure disorders.

Brain and spine Injury unit

This center specializes in the treatment of problems associated with traumatic injury to the brain and spinal cord in both adults and children.

Minimally Invasive endoneurosurgery unit

The center offers treatment of brain and skull base tumors, cerebrovascular diseases, cranial nerve disorders and some spinal abnormalities using surgical approaches that do not require large incisions.

Pediatric Neurosurgery Unit

The center takes care of infants, children and young adults with diseases or injuries to the brain or spinal cord. Evaluation and treatment of children with a range of neurosurgical disorders, such as hydrocephalus, craniosynostosis and Encphaloceles and Myelomeningoceles

Neuro-Oncology Unit

This centers deals with sophisticated care to patients with tumors of the brain, spine and skull base.

Neurospine and Pain management Unit

This unit focuses on alleviating chronic pain arising from conditions as failed back syndrome, arachnoiditis, vertebral compression fractures, reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD), primary spinal tumors and spinal metastases

Lisa's Story

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